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Blowing Moments  / shadetree blanket

Blowing Moments is a tree-shaped mat which gives you a warm resting place under your imaginary tree.  It will remind you of the wonderful moments spent under the cool shade of a tree. It conjures up both spatial and temporal associations; in the shade of wind-swept tree leaves when warm sunlight beams through, you are in the company of others. What inspired this product is the lines from poet Ryu, Sihwa’s poem: ” Your inn will be under the trees of the world. Stars will peek down at you through the porous blanket.” An intangible tree shadow turned into tangible shadow, Blowing Moments can be used as a blanket or as a picnic mat. Whether you were indoors or in a cool shade, Blowing Moments will take you to a fantasy world in which you can dream lying under a warm tree shadow.

Designed by i3Lab. [i-cubed-lab]

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